Bottom row, l to r - Tony Sabia, Joe Boccuzzi, Carmine Boccuzzi, George Salley, Richie Dombroski.

Top row, l to r - Skitch Chichester, Frank Tortora, Jerry Herold, Gary Grippo.




Bob Boccuzzi ('55 Ford Hardtop) Carmine Boccuzzi ('55 Chevy)
Joe Boccuzzi ('49 Chevy Convertible) Skitch Chichester ('39 Ford Coupe)
Tony Ciardi ('58 Chevy Impala) Claude Cyr ('58 Chevy Convertible)
Denis Cyr Frank Dagostino ('50 Chevy 2 Door)
Mario Diacri ('53 Mercury) Rich Dombroski
Russell Farrington ('50 Chevy 2 Dr Hardtop) Jim Ferrara ('37 Ford Coupe)
Gary Grippo ('49 Chevy Coupe) Richie Hamernick ('41 Ford Convertible)
Jerry Herold ('31 Ford Coupe) Rich Kralich ('55 Mercury)
Paul Lovallo ('49 Mercury) Sam Melchionne ('35 Ford Coupe)
Eddie Paolini ('30 Ford Roadster) Billy Perillo ('51 Mercury)
Joe Pregio ('49 Mercury) Tony Sabia ('40 Ford Coupe)
Phil Sagnelli ('40 Ford Coupe) George Salley ('50 Ford Sedan)
Sam Tartaglia ('53 Ford) Frank Tortora ('50 Ford Coupe)
Joseph Beaudoin (Bogey) ('30 Ford Roadster)  
The Greek (Charlie) ('54 Chevy) Skinner ('51 Ford Convertible)


Joseph Beaudoin "Bogey's" Roadster (AKA - The Jagged Edge)

The only car I know of that had a cigarette lighter mounted to the underside of the chassis.

Dover Drag Strip (circa ???)

Joe Boccuzzi's '49 Chevy Convertible


Jerry Herold's '31 Ford Coupe


George Salley's '50 Ford


Jim Ferrara's '41 Merc

February 24, 1958

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